Windows 7 Milestone 1 Release 2 [原创翻译]


Can't believe it? Yes, again, news about Windows 7.
难以置信吧?的确,有关Windows 7的消息再次出现了!

It's has been 2 months since my last post about Windows 7 Milestone 1. It was interesting and funny to watch how skeptics around the world reacted to my news. Many people denied and tried hard to prove what I posted was not true. Well, skeptics here is very reasonable but the evidences they used were merely those not-yet-updated ‘Vista’ in version windows or dialogues, and, many F words. That’s not reasonable, nether works. How desperately I hope those guys know more about software development and engineering.
自从上一篇有关Windows 7 Milestone 1的文章后已经有2个月了。非常有趣看到全球对我发布的新闻发出的质疑。很多人否认甚至努力试图证明我所发表是是虚假的。这里很多质疑者看似很有理,但是他们使用的大多证据支出那些在版本信息或者对话框总还没有来得及更新的"Vista"字样(F words不知道作者所指,也许是指骂人的话?——译者注)。那些证据都不尽合理,那些话语都十分低劣。我是多么渴望那些家伙能够了解更多软件的发展和架构。

You know there is something like the dark side of the force, especially when you have control on something and feel a little bit more powerful than the people you’re watching.

I’m afraid I’ll kick those guys again since today I bring you new bits of Windows 7.
我当心自从我今天带来一些Windows 7的新消息会再次激怒那些家伙。

This time it’s the 2nd release of Windows 7 Milestone 1. Version 6.1 (build 6574.1.{SECRET}). The {SECRET} here means I won’t expose detail.
这次是第二个Windows 7 Milestone 1版本,Version 6.1 (build 6574.1.{SECRET}。这里的{SECRET}表示我不想曝光更多详细信息。

No, even Milestone 1 isn’t a single release. Microsoft releases multiple versions of M1 with different minor version numbers. Well, for me it is the 2nd one I’ve gotten but I’ve no idea about how many releases Microsoft did before. I’ll use Win7 M1 R2, which stands for Windows 7 Milestone 1 Release 2, to describe it in the following. Please be noted, ‘Release 2’ is my naming convention, not Microsoft’s.
Milestone 1甚至都不是一个单独的版本。微软公司发布了多个M1版本包含较小区别的版本号。同时,这是我得到的第二个版本,但我不知道微软在此之前又发布了多少版本。在以下的说明中我会使用Win7 M1 R2来表示Windows 7 Milestone 1 Release 2。请注意,"Release 2"是我个人的称呼,不代表微软。

BTW, I do think my plain English here is OK for non-English speakers especially for readers from Europe and Asia. Anyway I’m not writing for WIRED or New York Times. I won’t provide translated local versions (What? Somebody asks what if the plain English is a fatal disaster for those native English speakers? … )
顺便说一下,我确实认为我这里使用直白的英语对那些母语非英语的人是适宜的,尤其是那些来此欧洲和亚洲的读者。无论如何我不是在为WIRED或者New York Times写文章。我不想提供本地翻译版本(什么?有人可能问如果使用直白的英语,那对于那些英语为母语的人又会是一个糟糕的灾难,那该怎么办?……)

I use the same platform as for M1 R1: Intel G35 chipset motherboard, Core 2 Duo 2.66G dual core processor, 1 x 1G memory, integrated graphic card. Moderate, if not decent.
我同试用M1 R1时使用了同样的系统平台,主板:Intel G35 chipset,CPU:Core 2 Duo 2.66G dual core processor,内存:1 x 1G, 集成显卡。仅供参考!

The installer is not greatly changed since M1 R1, only some words are updated from Vista to 7. Last time I use R1, the License Terms and SKU selection referred ‘Windows Vista’, now it’s changed to ‘Windows 7”.
这次的安装方式同M1 R1想必没发生太大变化,只有某些语句从Vista更新到了7。上次我用R1,使用申明和安装版本选择都使用了”Windows Vista“,如今他们都已经改成”Windows 7“了。

The SKU selection shows these options:
Windows 7 Business, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate, HomeBasic N, Business N and Starter.
See some new SKUs are included however I don’t think these will definitively be the SKUs Windows 7 will provide. The installer program may inherit from some development tree so the SKU names are inherited also. Anyway, it’s not important to argue how many SKUs Win7 will bring to us. It’s much of business, not technology.
The SKU selection uses something like a grid control, the 1st column is SKU name, and 2nd, Date Modified. For all those SKUs, the date is March 2008.

Windows 7 Business, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate, HomeBasic N, Business N and Starter.
看到了一些新的可选择安装包含其中,然而我不认为那些版本最终都会成为Windows 7将会提供的可选择安装版本。安装程序也许从发展分之中得以继承,从而产品名字也被继承了。无论如何去争论Windows 7将会给我们带来多少安装版本已经不重要。这更多的是有关商业因素而非技术因素。

An important change, also a nice improvement, is that you aren’t asked to input product key during the whole installation phase. For Vista installer, you can input a blank key and proceed but there is still a step and a text box for that purpose. Win7 M1 R2 installer simply skips this.
一个重要的,同样也是一个很好的进步,就是在整个安装过程中你不会被要求输入产品密钥。对于Vista安装来说,你可以输入一个空白的密钥来继续,但是出于确认的目的仍然会有一个步骤和一段文字提示。Win7 M1 R2安装轻松得跳过了这步。

As in the M1 R1, Win7 installer automatically creates an additional 500.0 MB partition before system partition. A user doesn’t have control on this. No idea on what for. The partition doesn’t appear in My Computer but you can see it in disk management.
众所周之在M1 R1中,Win7安装程序会自动在系统分区之前创建一个500.0MB的附加分区。用户没有权限控制它,也不知道它用作什么。在”我的电脑“中那个分区不会出现,但是可以在”磁盘管理“中看见它。

Other parts of the installation are same as in M1 R1.
其他安装部分和M1 R1相同。

The post-installation setup wizard, may be used for performance benchmarking to determine experience index, differs from that of Vista in that Win7 removes those fancy animation pictures during the process and the time it spends on this step is much less (less than 2 minutes on my platform).

Finally, after the setup here comes the product key… Yes, you can still input a blank key.

M1 R2 recognizes my G35 integrated graphic card and adapts display mode which makes my eyes comfortable at the first sight on Win7. Remember I had to find drivers for M1 R1.
The user name, machine name setup windows isn’t the default Vista style, I mean, neither Basic nor Aero. See below. The font is even Arial not Vista’s default.

M1 R2正确地识别出了G35集成显卡,同时调整了显示模式,使我第一眼看到Win7时视觉上就很舒服。记住,我在M1 R1中还需自己寻找驱动程序。

Here comes the screenshots, more eye-candy elements are added into this release. I would say, Redmond’s engineers did do lots of polishing.

My Computer, watch the toolbar, 2 buttons at right. The first one is the View, the second one is used to toggle displaying preview panel. Besides that, look at the left panel, it’s redesigned, only Favorites, My Document, My Computer and Network there, more organized and simpler.
Window behavior is another area being enhanced. Double clicking on the top or bottom border of a window makes the window automatically adapts to the screen heights, but double clicking on left or right border makes nothing happen.
The arrangement of my computer changes greatly. A picture is worth… I’d better shut up now.


And, sorting options for different content.

Health Center, looks like Microsoft really starts caring your computer’s health. Besides, mind the mouse over effect.

Windows Health Center
Windows 健康中心

let’s expand the Computer System

Windows Health Center Settings
Windows 健康中心设置

Another great change is the Search in Start Menu. In Vista, after start typing search keywords the left half of Start Menu shows the search result. In Win7 M1 R2, the whole Start Menu area is used to show search result, including the right half which in Vista is used to display those traditional links such as My Documents, My Computer and Control Panel etc.
I personally like this change because it makes a user concentrate on results while not being disturbed by items.

另一个重要的改变就是开始菜单中的搜索。在Vista中,开始输入搜索关键词之后,开始菜单的左半边显示搜索结果。在Win7 M1 R2中,整个开始菜单区域都被用来显示搜索结果,包括那些在Vista中用来显示那些传统链接比如文档,电脑,控制中心等的右侧区域。

There is no sidebar gadget control in system tray. Remember the vertical line of Vista’s sidebar when you move mouse on it? That’s not for Win7. Sidebar gadgets are much more similar as other objects on desktop like Recycle Bin. In Vista, you can’t click through the Sidebar area, for Win7 you can. The add gadget window looks like that in Vista.

The best enhancement comes from UAC, annoying UAC (User Account Control if you didn’t hear of it. Well… I think even a non-Vista user hear of the infamous UAC). Now we all know it was designed to annoy users but no more annoying in Win7 M1.
When you issue multiple actions which require approval from UAC. At the second request Win7 pops up a dialogue asking would you like to temporarily disable UAC thus you won’t be asked. Choose Yes and you win. This is much more user-friendly. Why didn’t you geniuses do this in Vista?
You know at this dialogue no hotkey works. I couldn’t get screenshot so I took a picture.

最大的改进在于UAC,令人烦恼的UAC(即用户帐号控制,如果你没有听说过他。那么……我想甚至一个非Vista用户也应该听说UAC不令人愉快的方面)。现在我们都知道UAC是被设计用来使用户烦恼的,但是在Win7 M1中不会更令人恼火。

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